Hire The Best Australian App Developer For Your Next Project

Hire The Best Australian App Developer For Your Next Project

01st, June 2023
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According to statistics, the Australian app development market is expected to grow at 7.25% CAGR and reach the value of $11,550 million by 2027. 

Therefore, now is the best time for businesses to hire app developers from Australia to create valuable apps for the Aussies.

Here, we have curated a complete guide to hire the perfect candidate for your business who can help you create an app for the Australian market.

Steps To Hire The Best-Fit Australian App Developer

Here is the step by step guide to hire the promising app developers from Australia best suited for your business.

1. Locate An App Developer

The first and important task is to decide the location of the developer. This is a critical point that needs to be taken care of during the hiring process. A local app developer from Australia can help you immensely to understand the psychology of your targeted audience for your web and mobile app development services in the country.

2. Look At The Past Work

Performing a background check is a mandatory step that you need to do. Also, it is your fundamental right to know the past work of the app developer. Ensure you have answers to the following questions prior to the hiring.

  • Do they have the required skill sets necessary for your app store optimization Australia like programming languages, front end and back end technologies, frameworks, etc?
  • Do their previous projects are similar to your business niche?
  • Do they have prior experience in how to get Australian app store?

3. Fix The Hiring Format (In-house or Remote)

If you are hiring an outsourced app developer then you do not have to think much because in that case, the developer will always prefer to work remotely.

But, on the other side, if you are going to hire an in-house app developer, then you need to choose the format before hiring. Obviously, both the options come with their own merits and demerits. You need to figure it out much earlier and go ahead with the plan.

4. Conduct The Interview

Personal interview is the time where you assess the hard and soft skills of the candidates. Having the necessary expertise is good to have but the attitude and approach of the candidate should be aligned to the nature of the work.

However, such situations are rare especially when you are hiring for a specialist.

5. Negotiate Salary

Always remember to discuss the monetary part during the interview with the candidate. Talk about the issues related to the initial rate and also about the future prospects for the growth as the project develops.

6. Approve Hiring

The final round of hiring is the approval of the candidate at the legislative level. If the candidate is a freelancer, make a simple contract for a certain period of time till the project is completed.

If you have hired an in-house Australian app developer, you will have to ensure additional tasks such as registering new personnel, assigning tax payments, etc.

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What Is The Cost To Hire An App Developer In Australia?

Hiring an app developer in Australia is not that difficult when you are well aware of all the processes step by step. But how much do you need to spend to hire one?

According to the Talent Web Source Australia, the average software developer salary in the country is $110,611 annually or $56.72 per hour. For entry level positions, the average package is $94,981 while the experienced ones make $140,805 a year.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring App Developers From Australia?

Hiring app developers from Australia has its own benefits. They are mentioned below

1. Collaboration

When working with app developers in the same time zone, collaboration becomes much easier and hence you can achieve more and better results.

2. Customer Service

Under any circumstances, if a problem arises, you can contact the developer and seek its services directly. Whether the developer is outsourced or in-house the services will be very much similar in nature.

3. Cultural Fit

An Australian app developer on-board is essential if you are creating an app for the Australian market. You will get more meaningful insights and feedback that could prove to be very beneficial for your business growth.

Outsourced Or In-House App Developers: Which Is Better For Australian Software Development Companies?

In recent times, it has been observed that more and more companies are ditching the idea of having 100% in-house developers and accepting the idea of hiring freelancers. But the question is ‘why’? 

In-house app developers are comparatively costlier than the freelancers. The reason being the perks associated with the annual salary along with training and management cost. It becomes a more disastrous situation when they leave your business or decide not to stay with your company for an extended period of time. 

On the other hand, freelancers or outsourced app developers get paid exactly for what they do. In comparison to in-house developers, outsourced app developers are far less expensive because there are no management fees, training fees and monthly expenses. 

Key Points To Note

  1. If financial implications and other drawbacks are not your problem, and looking forward to have the continuity of knowledge and building in-house team, then go for hiring an in-house developer
  2. If cutting costs and solid expertise are crucial to your business then outsourced app developers are what you should look for.

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Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring For Web And Mobile App Development Services

There are mainly five common mistakes that most of the business owners make while hiring an app developer.

1. Mixing It Up With Android and iOS Developers

Usually, you should hire an Android app developer if you are building an Android app or the vice versa. But, sometimes, business owners tend to forget the real need and jump into the process of hiring.

2. Not Asking For Portfolios Of Work

To get the best talent for your job, always ask the candidate for the past project and testimonials of work. You should always have the proof to validate their claims or else you may hire the wrong one.

3. Hiring Developers Without Understanding Business Requirements

Never forget to share the problem the business is trying to solve with the candidate and ask him how to get the better version of the plan to go ahead. What hurts the most is when you hire someone and he has no idea of working on the plan.

4. Hiring The Cheapest Developer

Hiring the cheapest dev for the project is one of common mistakes made by a company. If you want the app developers to give their best for your company then do not hesitate to invest in them. After all, they are only creating the final product.

5. Expecting A Quick Turn-Around-Time For Development

Having the expectation of creating a software product in a short time is nothing less than slow poison for your business. This will put more pressure on the developer and could forcefully abstain them from their creative output.


It is important to note that hiring software developers for Australian app development is quite a complicated process if treated carelessly. The entire system is a balanced mix of time, money and quality. Follow the steps as mentioned above and everything would fall in place.