Exploring the Cost of Developing an App in Australia: Factors and Insights

Exploring the Cost of Developing an App in Australia: Factors and Insights

09th, May 2023
  • Cost of Developing an App in Australia

Developing a mobile app can be a great way to reach more customers and grow your business. However, one of the most critical factors to consider is the cost of app development. 

In Australia, app development costs can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the app, the development platform, and the level of expertise required. 

This article will explore these factors and provide insights to help you estimate the cost of developing an app in Australia.

App Development Cost Australia Insights

  • According to our survey on Most used smartphone apps by type among Australian consumers, the top two answers were “Internet browser” and “Social media apps.” 


Source: Statista

  • Software market revenue will touch US$11.45bn in 2023.
  • Total revenue in the App market approximately reached US$7,815.00m in 2022.
  • Revenue is estimated to showcase a growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 4.25%. Thus paving the way to a market volume of US$14.10bn by 2028.
  • The number of downloads in the App marketplace reached approximately 774.10m downloads in 2022.

What Are Some Examples Of Apps Only Available In Australia?

Find below some examples of Apps Only Available In Australia

  • SMH News is an app developed by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper that provides breaking news, commentary, and analysis on happenings in Australia and worldwide.
  • The Australia Post app helps Australians to track goods, manage delivery, and pay bills while on the go. Australians can also use the app to locate Australian Post offices, open, and delivery hours (including Sundays), and street posting boxes.
  • NRMA Insurance is an app for NRMA insurance users that allows access to policy information, claims, and roadside assistance services.

Some other apps special to Australia include- BOM Weather; Hey You; AFL Live Official App; Everyday Rewards by Woolworths etc.

Factors That Affect the Cost of app development in Australia

The world of apps has never been bigger; with the usage of smartphones, it is at its zenith. However, before deciding on app development, many factors must be considered. Let us talk about the cost of developing an app in Australia in detail;

★ Platform To Build The App

There are three possibilities when selecting a platform. It is the development of native iOS or Android applications or cross-platform solutions. The platform you choose will determine your app development budget. The platform you decide will influence your mobile app development budget.

★ Design

The design stage is subject to the same cost-influencing variables as the development process. When there are numerous features and screens in an app, designers have to put in more effort, leading to an increase in the app’s price. 

Consider whether your design is simple or complex, whether you employ animation or 3D, etc.

Yes, design may not be the most essential aspect influencing the cost of running an app, but it is a crucial procedure that can be costly. Various aspects, including the number and complexity of UI wireframes, prototypes, animation content, etc. determine the cost of developing an app.

★ Functionality

The development complexity is affected by the number and sophistication of the specified features. The chosen technology stack has an impact as well. The cost of developing an app relies on the level of customization, the number of displays, and so on.

★ Time Required To Build

Developers are the most expensive aspect of mobile app projects. The more money required, the longer it takes to construct the application, the more features it has, and the more difficult it is. 

Professional software developers who specialize in areas such as design, engineering, or marketing can be expensive. Hiring specialized developers will be more expensive if your software includes complex features such as push alerts or offline mode. These aspects must be considered in your plans and may need the procurement of finances or the generation of revenue.

★ Budget 

The cost of developing an app in Australia relies on you, your business requirements, and your expected output. The greater your investment, the bigger your earnings. The higher the standard, the greater your chances of success. 

In general, more quality and greater functionality or scalability will be reflected in your budget. A professional mobile app development company will take care of the important features that may only be used once. They can advise you on cost-cutting techniques and the best use of your budget. 

How To Determine App Development Cost Australia?

Let us try to understand the Average Cost of App Development in Australia and the factors that the cost depends on;

App Development Cost Australia On The Basis Of Classification Of Mobile Apps  

When estimating costs, you must decide whether to create a simple, moderate, or complex program. The following information is provided about these apps. Please take a quick look to understand this better. 

★ Simple Apps 

These apps require no API integration, back end, or standard user interface elements. They would nevertheless include distinctive features such as an email subscription, social login, calendar, etc. This type includes apps like Quickpic, Google Calendar, and Google Clock Etsy. 

★ Moderate Apps 

These apps require special UI features, payment capabilities, API integration, tablet adaptation, back-end server, etc. 

★ Complex Apps

Examples include Whatsapp, Slack, and hotel booking apps, among others. 

Multi-language support, third-party connectors, bespoke animations, a complex back-end, sophisticated design, and real-time features are also required for these apps.

App Development Cost Australia On The Basis Of Size of App

A small size app with a single platform can cost around A$5k, Whereas a moderate size app can cost around A$10k and a complex with multiple platforms around A$20k.

The app development cost in Australia can also vary depending on the city, state, and business delivering the services. For instance, in Sydney it can cost around $7k-$400k; Whereas in Brisbane, it can cost around $14k -$ 400k, and so on

Cost Of App Development For Android/ iOS

By using Android and iOS mobile apps to engage with their target audience, Australian business owners have witnessed a tremendous improvement in their conversation ratios and sales. These mobile app solutions provide a fresh branding experience and raise brand awareness among your consumers. 

You may also send in-app and push alerts to your clients to increase interaction. With mobile internet adoption at an all-time high and smartphones becoming smarter by the year, no business can afford not to include an app in their marketing strategies. 

On the other hand, in today’s competitive world, businesses must be more than simply an app to flourish. Android app development costs around $800-$50,000, and iOS app development around $3000-$50000.

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Is Mobile App Development Worth It? 

Have you been thinking is mobile app development worth it? Mobile app development comes with numerous benefits. Let us have a look;

★ Enhanced Brand Recognition

Customers can easily identify your app if it includes your company name and logo. It can also increase client loyalty because having an app shows that you value their convenience.

★ More Customer Engagement

A mobile app allows for better connection and interaction with customers. You can, for instance, send alerts, updates, and promotions to their smartphones to keep them engaged with the business you run.

★ Improves Customer Service

A mobile app allows clients to contact and interact with the business more readily, enhancing overall customer service. Addressing client problems in a timely manner is critical, and an app allows you to do precisely that.

★ More Leads And Sales

A mobile app provides your client’s convenience, frequently resulting in higher sales and money for the business.

★ Better Competitive Edge

If you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, you need a mobile app. It indicates your willingness to stay current on technological advances and adjust accordingly. It will offer clients the idea that your organization is forward-thinking and progressive.

★ Improved Data Gathering And Analysis

A mobile app helps you easily access customer data, making more informed marketing and commercial decisions. You’ll also be more productive and efficient at work.

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